Immersivecast-SKT : 5G Future with 5GX MEC

With the next-generation communication technologies such as 5G and the development of cloud virtualization, there have been some changes in cloud market and many companies in Korea, including SKT, are entering the market.

SKT is interested in is clould VR especially, clould VR requires next-generation technologies such as 5GX MEC that can implement ultra low latency. Because due to the immersive content characteristic, even a little higher latency rate could break the sence of immersion.

SKT 5GX MEC department team aims to discover cloud VR as a service using those technologies and commerciallize on next year. To achieve it, they are cooperating with Immersivecast that has cloud VR solutions.

SKT confirmed that Immersivecast’s solution is enough to immerse and enjoy VR servies, noting that MEC has a low latency. They are planning to release various services using cloud VR in future.