Bring your real life and virtual life together!

We will provide a new virtual reality (VR) service with a Cloud VR and next-generation VR glasses. A new paradigm in the VR industry, which prevents dizziness and features a crystal-clear screen, will be offered for a true next-generation VR service.

  • Best Image Quality

    Photorealistic graphics

    High refresh rate

    High resolution

  • Light / Comfortable

    Perfect wireless(no backpack PC)

    Various VR/AR headsets

    Various network connections(5G/Wi-Fi)

  • Perfect Motion Expression

    Cloud VR–based 6-DoF motion

    Motion with Ultra-low latency

    Location Based VR

  • VRaum® immersivecast’s
    next-generation VR glasses,
    is a quick shortcut to the true next-generation VR world.

    VRaum® provides a new paradigm and standard for VR,
    which should come with hardware growth/development.
    We will do our best to research VRaum® products
    to quickly offer next-generation VR services.

    Check the next-generation VR through direct experience.

    VRaum® Air

    immersivecast allows users to take more comfortable and free trips
    to a photorealistic VR world through the Cloud VR.

    VRaum® Air(Cloud VR solution)

    Cloud VR Using 5G

    Successfully commercialized in 2019,
    the 5G mobile network is a cutting-edge network providing ultralow latency
    and wide bandwidth compared to the existing 4G (LTE) network.
    All mobile operators worldwide actively proceed with investment in 5G mobile networks,
    and their biggest interests are the contents and services to be provided through the broadband network.

    Cloud VR/XR is a service with both ultralow latency and broadband data transmission.
    Thus, it draws much attention as a representative 5G service.

    Immersive Cloud VR

    • Flawless screen with high-quality graphics
      of 4K/60 FPS or higher and clear expression
    • Ultralow latency through Warp/prediction technology
      in the Cloud VR environment
    • Robust network using 5G or Wi-Fi

    VRaum® Location

    Location-Based Entertainment VR

    immersivecast identifies important problems in the existing location VR,
    such as the requirement of a high-performance PC, etc., and resolves them through Cloud VR.
    Thus, it can provide a much more pleasant and immersive experience and comfort to VR users.

    immersivecast’s VR does not need a high-performance PC
    so that VR users can freely move anywhere.
    In addition, it allows the best graphic rendering on the Edge Computing server.

    The diverse technologies developed/owned
    by Immersivecast increase the efficient use of graphic resources, resulting in cost reduction.

    Highly Immersive Location VR

    • Improved DoF through high-performance app virtualization(no backpack PC)
    • Similar motion-sensing technology with a real-life sensation
    • Interworking with various controllers(haptic gloves, haptic vest, finger control, etc.)

    VR Solution Company
    Leading VR World

    immersivecast, a next-generation VR solution company in Pangyo, the Korean IT industry’s center, provides Cloud VR/XR service platforms, high-quality (photorealistic) entertainment applications, and next-generation VR glasses with its partners or customers in Korea, Germany, the United States, etc.

    Since its foundation, immersivecast has developed or supplied user-friendly and truly immersive VR services that have continued to evolve through technology development and innovation.

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