immersivecast, which is approaching the Photo-realistic metaverse with cloud VR.

[COVID-19, I have hope – Darrel Jung, CMO]
Co-Working with German telco businesses to commercialize cloud VR.
“Universalization of the virtual world,
carbon neutrality and energy conservation will play a role”.

As contactless life becomes commonplace due to COVID-19, the three-dimensional virtual world “Metaverse” is drawing attention. Metaverse, including various experience contents, recruitment presentations, and press conferences, has come to our daily lives. However, in order for Metaverse to become a reality, complex technology development such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and content graphics must be supported.

Currently, Seongnam 2 Pangyo tech-Valley-based “immersivecast” is taking the lead in realizing evolved metaverse by providing 5G-based cloud VR solutions. High-resolution images can be quickly transmitted to provide immersion by providing an environment similar to reality, and VR devices can be worn and moved freely. Jung Kwang-il, director of immersivecast, said, “A realistic virtual world will be the first chapter in changing the world.”